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Stocks, Options, Crypto
How It Works
Get notified and stay connected.

Receive notifications and alerts for all signals in real-time via Discord or SMS.

Place your trades on your account.

Head to your chosen broker, place the trade that was signaled.

Wait for exit signals and updates.

We will signal when we exit the trade or to update a position to maximize profits.

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Signals, SMS, Voice Call, Weekly Recap
Options, Forex, Crypto
Stocks, Options, Crypto

We provide signals daily for Crypto, Shares, and Options markets, with a mixture of long-term / short-term swings and day trades, so whatever your preference is, you will find trades you like. We also have an educational section for all markets which shows you how to set up and helps you to understand the terminology we use.

Day Trade/Swing Trades
Day Trade/Swing Trades

There are day trades and swing trades entered every day inside the group, as we know PDT can get in the way, but we don’t want it to affect your profits. There is a wide variety of trades that are posted in the group that suits all account sizes and types so you never miss out. You can focus on the Day Trade section if you don’t want capital tied up and for more trades.

SMS Notifications
SMS Notifications

It takes 30 seconds to sign up for our SMS service, and you can stop the messages at any time you like. We send every signal, update, and exit directly to your phone through SMS so you don’t have to be monitoring Discord all day, making it more convenient for you. You don't need to worry about missing plays.

Live Voice Call All Day
Live Voice Call All Day

If you have the time to join, we run a voice call from the market open to market close daily. Allowing fast support through voice and providing the fastest entries and exits with no delays. We also live stream from time to time during quiet hours to show live charting allowing you to learn when the market is quiet and put your learning into action during the active hours.

1 on 1 Support
1-on-1 Support

We offer a ticket system where you can open up a ticket and have a dedicated channel inside the server with 1-to-1 support from all of our staff members depending on what you need help with. From help with accounts, memberships, charting, or analyzing your trades, we help with everything. Our staff covers all timezones so you can get help whenever you need it!

Weekly Recap Videos
Weekly Recap Videos

We release one video a week, covering a different topic every time and we go into detail on each topic to help educate you in everything you need to know to become your own trader and make your own trades. We believe in signals, but we also think everyone should be given the opportunity to become their own trader and take their own plays and this will benefit you greatly.

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